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Two impossibly beautiful people.

One impossible mystery. 

A tiny town at the end of the world. A museum that almost never has any visitors. 


One day a stranger appears. He has treasure to sell and he won’t take no for an answer. He also won’t give his name. 


The years pass by until the day a different stranger arrives. He has questions about this treasure that keeps appearing out of nowhere. He also happens to be handsome enough to have just walked off a movie set. Except that he’s really an undercover cop. 


The woman he meets doesn’t have an answer even though it’s been staring her right in the face. And she has the most beautiful face he’s ever seen. But this is no once upon a time. Their story is already five centuries old.


What happens next is as strange and beautiful as the secret hidden beneath the waters and a story about to come to an end.


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